COOL CLUB spring 2022 – Stay Cool collection
After a long Winter, Spring chill and freedom is the best that can happen to us. Optimistic colors and an energetic look are the main motifs of the COOL CLUB Spring 2022 - STAY COOL collection. Check out how great this collection is and make sure to complete your Kid’s w...
COOL CLUB autumn 2021 - Mini me. Like mother, like child.
Do you know that COOL CLUB autumn collection has many models perfect for grown-up figures? Dress yourself and your children in similar colours and styles. Show your amazing bond and style resemblance.
COOL CLUB autumn 2021 – Halloween collection
Pumpkins, bats, ghosts and spiderwebs – these are the key elements at the end of October. It’s also a must have in fashion, especially in children’s fashion.
COOL CLUB autumn 2021 – Magic collection
Magic is in you – this positive message defines COOL CLUB MAGIC collection, available in SMYK stores and at Filled with positive content, energetic colours and motifs from childhood dreams about a magical world – it will perfectly brighten cloudy autumn days.
COOL CLUB autumn 2021 – Forest collection
After hot summer, autumn brings refreshing chill and respite. Parks and forests become destinations for hunting treasures of nature. You need to be properly dressed for that – preferably in outfits from  COOL CLUB Forest collection.
Shool is everywhere! School collection 2021 COOL CLUB AND SMIKI
The beginning of the school year is always full of emotions and this year it will be very special because everyone missed not only their friends but also the school they had known before.