Michał Grom, president of SMYK S.A. has received “Wektor Serca”
Michał Grom, president of SMYK Holding S.A. has received “Wektor Serca”- prize awarded by Employers of Poland organization. This prize is awarded to people who, by their attitude and action, encourage others to follow their footsteps. “Wektory” prizewinners pave the way ...
COOL CLUB Winter outdoor collection
There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing – following that rule, COOL CLUB designers made sure that ski collection will respond to children needs. Fickle weather shouldn’t stand in the way of good fun!
The Joy of Christmas, The Joy of Gifts!
From 45 years in SMYK!
COOL CLUB winter 2022- FROSTY collection
Cosy and warm but not dull!
COOL CLUB summer 2022 – Jungle collection
“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…” Meanwhile, the kids are not sleeping, but having fun, delighted with the exotic motifs from the new COOL CLUB Jungle collection. Little explorers will enter the mysterious world of a dense tropical jungle with ...
COOL CLUB Casual - holiday collection
The weather outside is getting colder each day, at the North Pole Santa Claus is wondering what presents to give to the kids, and at SMYK we are launching COOL CLUB Holiday collection to make childrens’ festive season even more wonderful.
Christmas campaign of SMYK brand – „SMYKI recommend!”
SMYK has started another edition of the campain promoting Christmas gifts offer with a slogan: ”SMYKI recommend! ”.
Welcome little one
Collection for the little ones. COOL CLUB and SMIKI